Liaison of Innovation and Consumer Buying Behavior

  • Muhammad Arslan


The purpose of this study was to show the relationship between the innovation and consumer buying behavior as the in-dependent variable was Innovation and dependent was Consumer buying behavior, the consumer behavior has become an essential study in present market as all the organizations or business rely on consumer behavior and consumer behavior study is based on consumer buying behavior, innovation has been influencing and changing the trends throughout the world from several years, not only the consumers but the organizations and business as well, for this study total sample respondents was selected 150 and positivism approach and the purpose of this study is to test the impact of brand innovation on consumer buying behavior for which there is a need of fresh data I have taken quantitative approach for this study. There is a need of general point of view of consumers buying behavior regarding brand innovation that is not affordable in qualitative approach that is why quantitative research is choose. After collection of the data it was putted in the SPSS 16.0 the software for quantitative analysis of the respondent’s data and for analysis of results. In the study there used the demographic variables like age and etc. frequency table and bar chat, compute variables descriptive, histogram with normal curve, reliability and regression. This research is done so that this could be beneficial for the future marketers and the organizations for making further strategies regarding to the consumer behavior relation with the innovations and as always research is an ongoing thing so there could be further more research done on this.

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