Product Quality Control in Plastics Industry PT Megah Plastik

  • Anitha Paulina Tinambunan


Quality control should be integratedly aimed at multiple objectives so as to best satisfy consumers’ needs. The problems in quality control lies in the fact of how to maintain and direct the products and services produced by the company in order to meet the quality standard. The problems in this research are formulated in the following questions: 1) What factors might potentially cause product defect in the production process at PT Megah Plastik?; 2) How to apply quality control system in order to minimize product damage?  The population of this research are plastic products manufactured by the company during the period of January to November 2015. The data were collected by random sampling and systematic sampling methods wherein the total of observed data amounted to 345 data which were then divided into 20 subgroups.

        The analysis results discovered that there are 3 (three) types of defects in the production of PT Megah Plastik including crumpled, ripped and cracked plastics. The ripped defect was in the second dominant (33%) due to an error in the cutting process of plastic products. From the cause and effect of the diagram, several factors that cause the production defects at PT Megah Plastik were revealed such as human, machine and material. The crumpled and ripped defects are caused by a) Human factors/Operator had fatigue that he became negligent; b) the quality of raw material is poor that the mixture of material turns out uneven; c) No machinery maintenance provided that the plastic rolling is not as it should be.

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