Engine Idling: A Major Cause of CO Emissions & Increased Fuel Costs

  • Muhammad Shomail Sarwar
  • Sami Ullah
  • Umar Farooq
  • Muhammad Zohair Durrani


It is inevitable for truck drivers to idle their engines because of the power requirements of the cab comfort as well as to provide power supply for refrigeration, heating, air conditioning, television and lights etc. One of the major effect of engine idling is the consumption of fuel and harmful emissions from the exhaust. Rate of fuel consumption especially during idling can increase up to 1.8 gallons per hour. As long as the idling speed is increased, fuel consumption of the diesel engine also increases. Auxiliary power unit (APU) is one of the best alternatives available to reduce engine idling thus improving the quality of air and enhancing fuel efficiency. Economically, the use of direct fire heaters and APUs can save fuel consumption up to 94-96% and 60-87% respectively. Use of these alternative idle reduction technologies has a positive impact on the natural environment as they improve the quality of air for breathing by decreasing harmful exhaust emissions.

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