The Reasons Why Counseling Needs To Be Mandatory

Do companies need counseling in their workplace?

How is this treatment done? Why do some business entrepreneurs need professional treatment? Let’s find out more about it now.

In business, you also need therapy treatment!. Understand how it is beneficial.

Why Do We Need To Understand Business Counseling?

I used to work as a sales business marketing specialist in San Francisco. It was typical 9-to-5 operations that required me to meet various people and customers in the business who wanted to avail of our nutritious yogurt products a few times a day. Other small businesses that had 9 to 5 shifts and were more hectic than usual would hire the services of a business counselor to help their employees.

Despite my hardworking skills, I could not ever be on the same level as the people who make our small business development products a success. That is especially true for those who work in the growing manufacturing side of the business. The business was running 24/7, so it was common for them to work for 12 hours every shift.

What about the availability of the treatment? Can any small business administration access this service?

It was good that everyone was well-compensated in the firm, so we would not hear anyone complaining. However, there could be times when people could feel mentally exhausted due to the amount of work they need to manage. To ensure the employees’ mental stability, the owner gave everyone – including us – free access to multiple counselors with whom they could talk anytime. Mostly, these were expert advisors and specialists.

The bosses were conscious of what their employees might need. Not all corporations were like that, and I would know because I worked with a few before coming here. The only thing that I found odd with the setup was that counseling was not provided to the higher-ups. I wondered why the higher-ups were left out of the therapy side of things. Any business management owners develop their share of stressors, so it matters and is always a lot of help.

In truth, I learned about it through my coworkers when they were gossiping about how one of the executives had a long-standing untreated depression. It only became known when she tried to commit suicide by jumping off the building the other night. Can a business really be so frustrating that you are pushed to become suicidal? Does a business able to stand up from being very down? And can counseling tools work on someone who is suicidal?

Horrified, I asked how it came to that point. Was it firm? Was work that bad? That’s when my colleague whispered that it was because they weren’t talking to counselors like the rest of us. The bosses might have assumed that the executives were invincible physically and mentally.  But bosses typically have hectic business schedules about everything in the business. They undeniably need to pursue business counseling from time to time, like the rest of the community.

These ladies are trying to formulate an interesting idea for the company.

Continue reading to learn more about starting the sense of business planning and marketing and how business counseling matters.

Starting My Own Small Enterprise

I only stayed in the yogurt business for a couple more years. I left not because of the lack of mental help from the higher-ups in the firm but because I had wanted to expand my horizons and start my own coffee business for a few years now. I finally had enough money to buy a cost of land where I could grow and harvest coffee beans. I guess focus is quite necessary for expanding a business.

The business hiring and training process was long and tedious. Aside from finding people who loved coffee and the coffee business, they had to prepare and undergo training to know more about the firm and the product to become an asset to my corporation. As soon as the job positions were filled, I went on to hire three business counselors. They would serve as HR personnel and counselor guidance to everyone, including the other executives and me. I even went above and beyond and decided to make counseling for business finance visits mandatory for all.

Mandatory Counseling

Sometimes, a business may require a counselor or a mentor, as workers often experience stress, pressure, and challenges while working on the research plan.

Others were mainly concerned about the possibility that my workers might think of me as a weak person for welcoming it or other forms of counseling in the firm.

There are plenty of people outside, taking snacks, talking to each other and playing games!

Did their words offend me?

No – not one bit. However, I had no idea that the stigma around mental health counseling was still at large up to this point. Judging by how many of my friends judged my decision in front of me, it was clearly not the case.

Importance Of Counseling In Enterprises

So I told them about my former boss, who had depression but did not have access to the treatment while operating the business. I saw a few of them grip the sides of their seats as I informed them of that person’s suicide attempt.

“You are all correct — I am okay right now. But who can guarantee that it will still be the same tomorrow or the day after that? I have a startup business that has barely kicked off the ground. So, how can you tell me that hiring a business mentor to give my employees and me regular assistance and assistance for business or individual treatment is an awful choice?”

Focusing On My Business Brought Me With More Positive Results

Although I held no grudge against my friends, I decided not to talk to them for a while. I wanted to focus on my business. That was especially true when the free counseling benefits that my firm offered were paying off. Everyone was happy and motivated, so it was not a surprise that the launch of our coffee products turned out to be successful. The small business had a great future, and with business counselors’ assistance incorporated into it, it is a sign that it will most probably be a successful business venture.


So, does having a business counselor make a big impact on the status of big and small businesses? Perhaps. According to resources, some forms of business are pretty taxing and crucial to the body and mind, which is why seeking technical assistance and guidance from a counselor is necessary.

Doing Regular Enterprise Therapy Visits Is A Great Idea

Then, one day, my friends went to my house. I braced myself for whatever crazy advice they might spew regarding my business decisions. But to my surprise, they all sang praises about my business project idea and how I managed it.

One of them said, “We’ve spoken to some of your employees, and we heard about how happy and consistent everyone is at your business track.” I let out a breath of relief before ushering them to the dining room to talk about my ideas and share some information about my treatment experience over dinner so they could apply them to their own businesses.

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