Sex Slaves – We Will Help You Heal


I had to be a part of the 2019 Ethics Conference, which discussed Human Trafficking. I did not want to go, but my boss, who is also my mother, told me that we needed a specialist (and that would be me) to know more about the mental health issues and effects surrounding people who have been victims of human trafficking. And so, the good girl that I am, I attended the Ethics Conference.

What happened at the conference was not what I expected. I thought it would be sleepy boring and like any other Ethics Conference that had the same agenda, description, and explanation. My presence in that conference was a blessing, indeed, and I understand now that my mother knows what is best.


We run a center for women who have various issues. Half of the center is housing women who are homeless, and we have a program for them to stay clean, find their way back to the society as a responsible individual, and then, when they can make it on their own, we lovingly send them out, wishing them a great life. I know. Some people would snort and mock us even. They would say that we are just corrupt people who thrive on government assistance and wealthy private donors. God knows what we are doing here, and it has a purpose.

My mother, adoptive mother that is, was once drug dependent, and she met Jolly, the person who initiated the center. Because of Jolly and what she believed in, my mom fixed herself and made it through. As for me, she picked me up on the steps of the center, and I was this cute 2-month-old baby. She cared for me as if I was her own and adopted me.

I realized that my mom wanted me to attend the conference because we have six women who were rescued from a petty mobster. He made them do things to men for money, and if they were not obedient, they would get a beating. Last week, the man was put in jail, and these women, instead of doing time for prostitution, were brought to us.

Life is difficult, and for some, it is even more painful. But there is always light at the end of the tunnel. And you should not be embarrassed or hesitant to ask for help because we are here for you.

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